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Poh Kim Organization is established in 1984, specializing in the rental of video tapes. With the introduction of new technology, in 1992, Poh Kim starts to rent and sell Laser Disc.

Coming to 1997, with yet another advance in technology, Video Compact Disc (VCD) gained popularity as a video format and hence became the most popular selling product in Poh Kim. In the same year, Poh Kim started to bid for the copyright of movies from “Overseas Movie Private Limited” and became the sole distributor for the movie “Wishmaster” and later followed by “Chinese Box” (acted by Maggie Cheung & Gong Li) and An Alan Smithee (acted by Jackie Chan, Whoppi & Stallone). Other than English Movies, Poh Kim also acquired the copyright for Chinese Movies, Documentary films, Karaoke and Cartoons.

With the market acceptance of VCD, in 1998, Poh Kim moved towards the selling of Digital Video Disc (DVD), to better serve the requirements of the consumer’s technology satisfaction.

As Poh Kim moved towards the 21st century, the acquisition of copyright becomes an important factor in our strategic marketing. Poh Kim’s products alone cover 60% of our total product line.

In order to serve all levels of customers, Poh Kim also acquired the copyright of Chinese and Cantonese dramas, Japanese dramas and Korea dramas.

In 2001, Poh Kim bided for, and was awarded the copyright for the distribution of Korean Dramas in Singapore, making Poh Kim the first company in Singapore to do so. In this year, Poh Kim released our copyright titles “Beautiful My Lady” and “Trap Of Youth”.

Through our promotions and recommendations for Korean Dramas, Poh Kim successfully elicited a strong preference for Korean Dramas in Singapore and, from then on, Korean Drama became famous and widely accepted in Singapore. In the past 4 years, Poh Kim has focused our attention on marketing Korean Dramas and as a result, has built a wide customer base of Korean Dramas and Movies lovers.

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