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Founded in 1987 and headquartered in Hong Kong, Seven Sea Chemicals Group is engaged in the production, wholesale and retail of mattresses, pillows, bedding, sofas and furniture. It has a worldwide business network covering Hong Kong, PRC, Macau, Singapore, Canada, the U.K., Australia and Malaysia.

Sea Horse is a household brand name. Its mattresses and pillows have been the best sellers in Hong Kong, Singapore and Macau with mattresses having achieved No.1 in Hong Kong for 25 consecutive years in terms of sales volume. Many 5-star hotels, public organizations, hospitals, government departments, university dormitories and age care centers patronize Sea Horse mattresses and pillows, manifesting that the superior quality and professional image of Sea Horse have been recognized by all walks of life.
By dint of advanced technology and incessant innovation, Sea Horse has won numerous recognitions, including “Governor’s Award for Industry of the Consumer Product Design Excellence Award” in 1992 and 1993, “KMA/TVB Awards for Marketing Excellence” in 1993, and “Hong Kong Top Brand” in 2002.The recent five years has seen Sea Horse scale new heights. It was conferred the “Trusted Brand Gold Award” by “Reader’s Digest” both in Hong Kong and Singapore 2009-2013, “Superbrands Hong Kong” and “Superbrands Singapore” for 2010/ 2011 and 2013, Top 100 Singapore Excellence Award 2012/2013 and “East Week Hong Kong Service Award 2013: Hall of Fame” and “HK Classic Brands Awards” by Eastweek Magazine while receiving “2009 Hong Kong Premier Brand” and “Hong Kong Top Brand Ten Year Achievement Award” from the Hong Kong Brand Development Council. All these awards are testimonies to the outstanding status of Sea Horse as a market leader. In the future, Sea Horse will spare no efforts to pursue excellence and continue to excel in the industry.