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Japan’s number 1 kaiten sushi chain. With more than 540 outlets in Japan and other countries/regions, Sushiro serves over 100 varieties of delicious sushi and other Japanese dishes to about 150 million customers every year. With the corporate mission, “Tasty Sushi for All. Tasty Sushi for the Heart.” at its core, Sushiro maintains its key focus on careful ingredient selection, constant development of new flavours, and employment of advanced technology to enhance service speed and quality. As a leading company in Japanese kaiten sushi industry, Sushiro is committed to serving high-quality and value-for-money Japanese sushi to customers.

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Store Information
    • Monday 11am - 10pm
      Tuesday 11am - 10pm
      Wednesday 11am - 10pm
      Thursday 11am - 10pm
      Friday 11am - 10pm
      Saturday 11am - 10pm
      Sunday 11am - 10pm
  • #B-17/17A
  • 6970 5070
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