Chalk Farm

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Named after a stop on London's Northern Tube Line, Bryan and Dawn Koh opened Chalk Farm's first outlet in Paragon in June 2013 and its second one in Parkway Parade in December 2014. At these shops, which some have dubbed "cake salons", customers may enjoy purchased slices with a hot beverage, be it coffee, tea or dark hot chocolate. The company enjoys a reputation for its carrot whiskey sultana cake, red velvet cake and salted macadamia cupcakes, as well as seasonal menu, allowing customers to indulge in a chocolate-chestnut log during Christmas, orange cake and rainbow-coloured kueh lapis around Lunar New Year, and a glorious nut-studded pumpkin bundt around Halloween.

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    • Monday 11am - 8pm
      Tuesday 11am - 8pm
      Wednesday 11am - 8pm
      Thursday 11am - 8pm
      Friday 11am - 8pm
      Saturday 11am - 8pm
      Sunday 11am - 8pm
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