Paris Miki


With our open-concept stores, customers feel more comfortable to try on eyewears on display, as compared to the ones displayed in showcases. This unique shopping atmosphere is a signature of all our outlets.

At Paris Miki, we not only carry our exclusive high-quality products from Japan, but we also feature the latest eyewears from international fashion brands. Our specialty is in our wide range of high-quality single, progressive and occupational lenses from Japan. Being the largest chain store in Japan, we are able to obtain the latest in lens technology from manufacturers ahead of other optical stores. In fact, we can deliver a new pair of glasses within an hour, if the customer's prescription is within stock range.

Store Information
    • Monday 11am - 9pm
      Tuesday 11am - 9pm
      Wednesday 11am - 9pm
      Thursday 11am - 9pm
      Friday 11am - 9pm
      Saturday 11am - 9pm
      Sunday 11am - 9pm
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  • 6447 5146
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