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The Sun Paradise Concept Store boasts an extensive range of practical and yet sophisticated swimwear and accessories for the serious water lovers. With swimsuits that come in varying designs and perform varying functions, swimmers are sure to find the swimwear that best suits their swimming needs.

So come down now to our outlets and allow our friendly promoters to assist you in picking up the most appropriate swimming gear today!

Store Information
    • Monday 11am - 9:30pm
      Tuesday 11am - 9:30pm
      Wednesday 11am - 9:30pm
      Thursday 11am - 9:30pm
      Friday 11am - 9:30pm
      Saturday 11am - 9:30pm
      Sunday 11am - 9:30pm
  • #02-53/54
  • 6346 6282
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Location: #02-53/54